Drug Levels and Effects:

Summary of Use during Lactation:

Because there is limited published experience with ergotamine during breastfeeding and it might cause adverse effects in the infant, most authorities consider ergotamine to be undesirable to use during nursing.[1][2]

Drug Levels:

Maternal Levels.

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Infant Levels.

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Effects in Breastfed Infants:

A study in which ergotamine was administered to mothers of newborns immediately postpartum in a dose of 1 mg 3 times daily for 6 days found no effect on weight gain in the breastfed infants.[3] Milk intake, and therefore infant dosage, might have been minimal during the first few days before the mothers' milk came in fully.

Possible Effects on Lactation:

Thirty women who delivered full-term infants received a single intramuscular dose of methylergonovine 0.2 mg after delivery, followed by oral ergotamine 1 mg 3 times daily for 6 days. Compared to 28 women who delivered full-term infants and received no ergot derivatives, there was no difference in the milk production, as measured by weight differences before and after nursing, between the 2 groups during the first 6 days postpartum.[3]

Alternate Drugs to Consider:



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  • Adrenergic Alpha-Agonists

  • Analgesics, Non-Narcotic

  • Ergot
  • Alkaloids
  • Vasoconstrictor Agents

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