Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we often get:

Why Are You Curating This?

Healthcare providers who work for large institutions have access to a lot of subscription-based resources (e.g. UpToDate, Electronic Journals, LexiComp...etc.) We're doing this for the little guy - the healthcare provider who isn't part of the corporate machine.

How Can You Offer This For Free?

Nothing in life is free, which is why our pages are ad-sponsored. This information is curated from the public domain - largely government databases which cannot be copyrighted. Because we pay no licensing fees, we are able to deliver "free" information.

Is Your Data Trustworthy?

Our data comes from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or similar sources. We make every effort to cite the original source so that you can verify.

Who is Anika?

Anika is a California board-certified, family-physician who thinks our existing healthcare system is broken for patients and healthcare providers. Her mission is to restore work-life balance to the providers and affordability to patients.