Mircette kit

dp331 pill
Mircette 28 Day Pack
Teva Women's Health, Inc.

This green, round pill imprinted with dp 331 is a Mircette 28 Day Pack, per the NIH.

Mircette is a human prescription drug. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is .

This pill is made by a total of 3 firms: (1) Teva Women's Health, Inc., (2) Barr Laboratories Inc., and (3) Physicians Total Care, Inc.

Similar-looking pills

There are 2 other green pills that with a similar imprint: "dp 331". They may be a different dosage of the same drug or a different drug entirely.

dp519 pill
{6 (Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 MG / Levonorgestrel 0.05 MG Oral Tablet) / 10 (Ethinyl Estradiol 0.03 MG / Levonorgestrel 0.125 MG Oral Tablet) / 5 (Ethinyl Estradiol 0.04 MG / Levonorgestrel 0.075 MG Oral Tablet) / 7 (Inert Ingredients 1 MG Oral Tablet) } Pack [Enpresse 28 Day]
Green, round pill: "dp 519"
dp519 pill
{21 (Ethinyl Estradiol 0.02 MG / Levonorgestrel 0.1 MG Oral Tablet) / 7 (Inert Ingredients 1 MG Oral Tablet) } Pack [Aviane 28]
Green, round pill: "dp 519"
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