Carbidopa and levodopa (carbidopa; levodopa) 25; 100 mg/1; mg/1 oral tablet

R539 pill
Carbidopa 25 MG / Levodopa 100 MG Oral Tablet
Actavis Elizabeth LLC

This yellow, round pill imprinted with R 539 is a Carbidopa 25 MG / Levodopa 100 MG Oral Tablet, per the NIH.

Carbidopa and levodopa is a human prescription drug. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is carbidopa; levodopa and is classified as, "Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylation Inhibitor [EPC], DOPA Decarboxylase Inhibitors [MoA]."

This pill is made by a total of 2 firms: (1) Actavis Elizabeth LLC, and (2) American Health Packaging.

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